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Warmer Motorcycle Mittens Winter Electric Heated Gloves for Outdoor Cycling Ski

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Double waterproofness: The surface of the glove is made of water-repellent fabric, built-in TPU seamless waterproof bag, double waterproof, it will condense into small water droplets when contacted with water, and the zipper is also treated with waterproof glue.
Heating part: full five fingers + back of the hand heating sheet, smart electric heating gloves, water-repellent, wind-proof and non-slip design, so that the entire hand is evenly heated to keep warm. There is flexible, breathable, and non-slip leather on the palm, which makes it easy and stable to hold things.
Special pocket: Invisible pocket design, does not affect the appearance of the gloves, but also easy to install the battery.
Intimate design: Safety reflective strip design, safer to travel at night, the opening rope design, the elastic structure design of the wrist and the hook and loop fastener wrist strap.
Multi-purpose: Widely used in all kinds of sports, outdoor running, skiing, mountaineering, cycling, etc., to keep warm, wind and cold, it will not be cold this winter!

Main Features:
Structure description: From outside to inside, waterproof fabric-thermal cotton-high-quality heating composite wire-smooth inner lining.
Low voltage: Use low voltage 4.5v, safe and reliable, don't worry about contact danger when using.
Temperature gear: 3 gears of intelligent temperature control, temperature range 40-55℃, temperature gear indicator on the back of the hand, according to different gears, the color of the light is different, very cool, according to the environment, you can adjust the appropriate temperature by yourself.

The Operation Method of the 4.5V Battery Box
1. First install qualified new AAA batteries into the battery box. Each battery box can hold 3 batteries. Install according to the positive and negative directions on the battery box. After the installation is OK, cover the battery box. Connect the DC plug of the electric heating product to the DC buckle of the battery box, and pull the power switch on the battery box to ON. At this time, the power working indicator is on and red, and put the battery box into the small pocket of the glove battery. …
2. Press the switch for 3 seconds, the red light is faintly bright, indicating that the switch is in breathing preheating protection, the default high temperature gear (continuous heating), the product will slowly heat up within 1 minute, until it reaches 50-55 degrees Celsius automatically Constant temperature, after five minutes, it will automatically switch to medium temperature and the white light will be always on. (At this time, if the switch is pressed manually in less than 5 minutes, the second level of white light will also be on), and the temperature is about 45-50 degrees. Press the switch again, the blue light is always on, enter the low temperature range, the temperature is about 40-45 degrees, press the switch again, it turns to the red light, enter the high temperature range, and cycle. Press and hold the switch for 3 seconds to shut down, and the LED will not change (for example, the current mode is red on, and when the switch is long pressed for 3 seconds, the LED will not change color, but all the LED lights will be off).

The operation method of 4000 mAh Lithium Battery

1. Connect the DC plug of the electric heating product with the DC button of the lithium battery. At this time, the adjusting switch light will show red, white and blue and then stop, indicating normal function.

2. Put the battery into the small pocket of the battery and press the switch for 3 seconds. The red light is slightly bright, indicating that the switch is in the preheating protection of respiration

When the temperature reaches 55-60 degrees Celsius, it will automatically keep a constant temperature. After five minutes, it will automatically turn to the medium-temperature white light and always turn on. (At this time, if it is less than 5 minutes, manually press it

When the switch is on, the second white light is always on.) The temperature at this time is about 45-55 degrees. Press the switch again and the blue light will always be on. Enter the low temperature, the temperature is about 40 degrees. Press the switch again to turn red

The lamp is always on and enters the high-temperature gear, thus circulates. Long press the switch to shut down for 3 seconds, and the LED does not change (if the current mode is red light, long-press the switch for 3 seconds, the LED will not change color, but turn off all the LED lights).

3. The service time of the 3000 mah lithium battery configured by our company is about 4 hours for the high grade, 6 hours for the middle grade, and 8 hours for the low grade.

4. If in the process of using gloves without feeling the heat, switch no display is the battery has run out, time to open the battery bag, take out the battery, the use of our company is equipped with a USB charging line, such as only charge a battery, for about 3 hours, both full of electricity, such as two battery charging at the same time, about need 6 hours to charge, can continue to use after a full charge.

Color: black + gray
Material: black tasram cloth + gray Yanglizi cloth + wear-resistant PU
Heating sheet: high-quality composite wire
Size: Total length: about 34CM, palm circumference: about 19-22CM, middle finger: about 8.5-9CM
 Package Weight: 0.32/0.38kg
Package Size: 36*14*6.5CM/36*14*6.5CM
Gear position: 3 gear temperature adjustment, blue: 40-45℃, low-temperature gear, white: 45-50℃, medium temperature gear, red: 50-55℃, high-temperature gear
Reflective strip design: a warning at night
Waterproof description: The surface of the glove is made of water-repellent fabric, built-in TPU seamless waterproof bag, double waterproof

Package included:
2 x Gloves
2 x 4.5V Battery box(
3*AAA dry battery, not included) / 4000 mAh Lithium Battery

1x Charging cable

Due to the different monitor and light effect,the actual color maybe a slight different from the picture color.
Please allow 1-2cm differs due to manual measurement.