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Wall-Mounted Face Washer Station Emergency Eyewash Faucet Mounted Eyewash Station

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  • Eye washer Use ball valves to control spray and wash eyes, respectively.
  • Features a push handle activation, Easy to operate, fast opening and closing, reliable sealing
  • The rinsing nozzle of the punching nozzle is a soft foam-like water stream, which improves the cleaning efficiency by 50% compared with ordinary eyewash nozzles.
  • Stainless steel 304 inlet pipe bowl, stay-open ball valve switch & eye wash bowl
  • Dual aerated spray heads with flip top caps, Integral flow controls.

Where to use this eyewash equipment:
Battery charging areas,
Spraying operations,
High dust areas,
Dipping operations, and
Hazardous substances dispensing areas.

Eye washer:
1. Eye / face wash bowl: 260mm dia. stainless steel with 304SS cover
2. Eye wash strainer : stainless steel, built-in chemical resistant PP
3. Eye wash : stainless steel 304 inlet pipe, stay-open ball valve switch & eye wash bowl
4. Sign: Furnished with luminous identification sign.
5. Eyewash flow rate: 12~18L/Min
6. Activation: push plate

Eyewash Mounting :Wall mount
Eye Wash Bowl Material :304 stainless steel
Eye Wash Activates by :push plate Eye Wash Covering :YES
Pipe Material:304 stainless steel
Eye Wash Handle Material:Aluminum alloy

1. Fluid: drinking water or fire-fighting water
2. Standard pressure: 0.2~0.4MPA
3. Nominal pressure: 0.4MPA
4. Sealing pressure: 0.45MPA
5. Spray flow L/min: 120-180
6. Eyewash flow L/min: ≥12
7. In complement with emergency eyewash and shower standard ANSI Z358.1.2009 and EN 15154-1:2006 + AC: 2014
8. The control switch or valve of the eyewash device and the eyewash nozzle quickly start.
9. Applicable conditions: normal temperature pure water or water standard

Package Included:
1 x Emergency Eyewash