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Solar Car Air Purifier with LED Touch Screen USB Ionizer Vehicle Air Cleaner HEPA Filter Car Aroma Diffuser for car/Home/Office

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Solar car air purifier removes formaldehyde, light energy charging, negative ion purification, timing, on-board start-stop technology, brand-new materials and excellent workmanship are well received. Due to the small space in the car, the air is likely to have a bad effect on the body. It is necessary to choose a purifier that can release negative ions to purify the air.


1. Polysilicon solar charging, support solar, cigarette lighter, USB power charging.
2. A high-concentration negative ion generator blows out high-concentration negative ions to remove odors and suspended particles in the car, and active oxygen decomposes formaldehyde to quickly purify the air.
3. Ring filter, five-fold filtration and purification, HEPA organ folding filter layer + activated carbon sponge + coconut shell activated carbon filter layer + HEPA gauze filter layer + alumina filter layer, filtering large air particles of dust, hair and pollen.
4. It is not only a purifier but also an aroma diffuser. The natural plant cane liquid is condensed and extracted, and the solid aroma core liquid essential oil is diffused through the turbine cycle.
5. Intelligent starting and shutting with the car, the default intelligent mode when starting up, the use of micro-vibration sensors to monitor the dynamics of the car in real time, so as to achieve the start and stop of the car.
6. The LED touch panel is simple and beautiful, simple but not simple, and can easily solve the riding environment for you.


Product name: solar car air purifier
Product Model: V02
Noise: 30-40DB
Purification principle: HEPA/HESA filter/negative oxygen ion
Power parameters: DC5V
Applicable area: 3-8m³
Rated power: 2W
Battery capacity: 2000MA
Air volume: 20M³/H
Working temperature: -10~+80℃
Amount of negative oxygen ions: -20 million pieces/m³—+20 million pieces/m³
Product shelf life: 1 year
Product function: light energy charging, negative ion purification, timing, start-stop technology with the car
Power supply mode: USB/car cigarette lighter/light energy charging
Product gross weight: about 800 grams
Product color: silver, black, red, blue

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