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LiveGo Towel Cooling Towel 3 Pcs Breathable Chilly Ice Towel for Fitness Cycling Yoga Running Sport

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 LiveGo Towel Cooling Towel 3 Pcs Breathable Chilly Ice Towel for Fitness Cycling Yoga Running Sports Description:

This motion-cooling fabric contains no chemicals, polymers, adhesives, crystals or phase change materials

The moisture absorbed by this product absorbs heat when it evaporates, so as to get a cool feeling. It can be carried to wipe forehead, arms and other occasions.

Main Features:

1. The cold-sensitive sports fabric does not contain poison, gel, crystal or phase change materials

2. The fibers used are all safe and non-toxic fibers. Compared with ordinary moisture-proof fabrics, this kind of fabric is light, breathable and comfortable to wear

3. Increase the comfort and safety of the exercise process, and help the athletes to quickly reduce body temperature and restore physical strength after the exercise

4. Cooling effect, easy to carry sports;It can be reused many times

5. The cold fabric regulates the temperature by absorbing heat, and the cooling factor gives the skin a cool comfort

6, suitable for sports, outdoor, gardening, leisure and other occasions of cold compress

7. Soak in water to experience cool feeling, reusable, low-carbon and environmentally friendly


Material: polyester + nylon

Product Size: 30 * 100 cm

Specification: 3 pieces

Packing: mountaineering bag

Package Size:24.5*14.5*2.5cm

Package Weight:128g


1. Please do not place the product for a long time in the presence of dirt, which may cause mold.

2. When stored in a place with poor ventilation effect for a long time, mold or cooling effect may be weakened. Please dry thoroughly before storage.

3. Please do not use washing powder or soap to clean the product, which may weaken the cooling effect, fade the color and damage the product.

4. Please do not keep in water for a long time

5. Please do not dip into the liquid (salt water/sea water) other than the water in the channel, which may weaken the cooling function of the product

Package Included:

3* Cooling Towel