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LIVEGO Mini Rechargeable Mosquito Lamp Low Noise Physical Anti-mosquito UV Light For Home Office

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Mini Rechargeable Mosquito Lamp Main Features:
1. Adopt 365NMUV ultraviolet light wave to rapidly and accurately trap mosquitoes. The high voltage power grid has a double line structure for mosquito control, which is surrounded by spirals to achieve better mosquito control effect.
2. Silent electric shock to kill mosquitoes and 20 dB running noise won't disturb the elderly, infants, pregnant mother's sleep and possess a comfortable sleep, sleep peacefully until dawn
3. Through physical mosquito eradication, it is health, no radiation, no eye injury, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, safe and environmental protection, can be used at ease
4. Built-in battery 2200mA and support adapt computer, car charger, mobile power supply charging. Red light when charging and a green light when full charge. One time charge can use more than 24 hours.
5.Suitable for bedroom, room, camping, office, RV, the fishing place to use, away from mosquitoes and give you a quiet and comfortable environment

1. Please turn it on in advance (at least 2 hours) in the bedroom. Do not turn it on when you are ready to sleep.
2. It is better to use it in an unmanned environment, because the body temperature and smell can attract mosquitoes, so as to avoid affecting the use effect
3. This product uses physical anti-mosquito, without any drugs and chemical ingredients, all anti-mosquito can not be immediately started up to kill mosquitoes
4. Due to the use of electric shock physical mosquito eradication, the next day can be directly cleaned the mosquito debris destroyed yesterday
5. Please use it continuously for more than 48 hours for the first time and the effect is better in a dark environment. Try to place it about 1 meter above the ground. Close the doors and windows, do not put in the air conditioning or fan outlet, turn off other lights, ensure that the only source of mosquito control.

Color: white
Material: ABS/silicone electronic components
Product size: 87*87*125mm
Battery voltage: 3.7v
Power: 1.2w
Operating current: 0.2-2a
Input voltage/current: DC5V/ 0.8a
Battery capacity: 2200mA(polymer)
Charging time: about 4 hours
Usage time: about 36 hours

Package List:
1*Mosquito Lamp
1*USB Cable
1* Clean Brush