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LiveGo 1m/1.5m Indoor Kids Swing Hammock Children Therapy Swing Fit

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Kids Swing Hammock Main Features:
1.Strong Bearing: The max bearing of the kids swing hammock is 200 kg and won't stretch to the ground. It gives children a sense of calmness and blocks out unwanted sensory stimulation. It is the best choice for Autism, ADHD, Aspergers children.
2.Comfortable therapeutic experience: Made with the nylon material, kids swing hammock gives you a comfortable therapeutic experience. Promotes coordination and balance, strengthens muscles and improves motor skills! Sensory stimulation - endless possible positions - hours of fun! 
3.Multi-Function: The swing therapy strengthens the head, neck and core muscles which improve physical activities such as walking and running; Hammock therapy greatly improves children's coordination, balance, body awareness, and concentration.
4.Suitable for indoor and outdoor: The kids swing hammock is easy to install and suitable for indoor and outdoor

Installation Steps:
1. Secure ceiling mount on ceiling or beam at a proper distance
2.Hook daisy chain strap to the mounts
3.Hook inversion swing on daisy chain straps(adjust the height according to your need).
4.Same height with the aerial swing on the straps
5. Check everything carefully for the stability to ensure your safety
6. Enjoy the inversion hammock.

Material: Nylon
Hammock Size:100*280cm/150*280cm
Pickage Size:20*8*11cm /20*10*11cm

Package List:
1* Hammock
1* Connecting rope
1* Extension tape 
1* 8th steel lock