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LB01 Processing Equipment Versatile Resistance Current Voltmeter Signal Generator

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This instrument can output/measurement the following signals:Current signal/Voltage signal/mV signal;8 kinds of thermocouple(E,K,B,S,T,R,J,N) signal;Resistance signal;Thermal resistance(Pt100,Cu50)signal,containing 14 input,15 output,analog meter site can be read or the vast majority of quantities.V,mV,mA, Ω input and output has a corresponding button,call directly,no combination of keys,quick and easy operation.Small instrument,Rich functionality

 Main Feature:
1. All functions all use an internal electronic switch, and more other brands on the market, unlike DIP switch auxiliary products need to exclude the impact of the mechanical structure life but also improves the case of use
2. Expect with the conventional signal input and output functions, as well as resistance, Pt100, Cu50 RTD, thermocouple input-output 8 kinds of signals, very powerful
3. Two connector terminals, any level, regardless of the input and output terminals of the full use of these two, no longer have to forget plug lead damage to the meter or equipment to worry about
4. V, mV, mA, Ω input and output has a corresponding button, call directly, without advance menu selection, thermocouple, RTD input and output it is only after entering the function corresponding mV or Ω files left arrow or right arrow to select it, the operation is very simple, no combination of keys, quick and easy operation
5. Segment LCD clear display and used multimeter or a calculator are the same. The large display area, visual area of 49*29mm.Low power consumption, the maximum power consumption of less than 0.3mA.It will be less than 10mA when the backlight is opened

Package Included:
1 x Calibrator
1 x Pair test pen
1 x USB Line
1 x Carry box
1 x User Manual123