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800W Electric Spray Gun 2.5mm 900ml 220V Paint Latex Paint Sprayer Car Furniture

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800W Electric Spray Main Features:
1. saving paint
2. Coating uniformity
3. lightweight and convenient
4. Strong adhesion
5. Easy to clean

Electric spray gun
Nozzle diameter: 2.5mm
Viscosity: 60DIN-s
Voltage: 220V-240V-50HZ
capacity: 900ml
Output Power: 800W
Noise: 80db (A)
Hose: 1.8m

1.This item only support 220-240V
2.Ignition spray material must reach 21 ℃ or higher than 21 ℃
3.Do not gun at anyone

Package Included:
1 X Set of Electric spray gun