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220V Portable Bag Closing Machine Bag Stitcher Mini Sewing Machine for Woven Snakeskin Bag Sack

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This bag closer machine can apply to the production of large quantities of factories and warehouses and can be used for grain, sugar, salt, food, chemical fertilizer, chemical products, metal powder, iron ore, and other goods canvas bags, sacks, sacks, woven bags, paper bags packet work.

Main Features:
  • The pressure can be adjusted. When stitching different things, the pressure can be adjusted to improve the work efficiency and prolong the service life of the parts.
  • Compact structure, simple adjustment, easy maintenance, screws, and nuts are easy to purchase on the domestic market standard parts, shell made of aluminum alloy new technology, good mechanical properties.
  • The machine's needle bar with steel sleeve, wear, eat thick and strong, and the sound should be light, under normal circumstances, the machine's needle bar sleeve will not be damaged.
  • GK9 machines have wider teeth. The wider the teeth of the machine, the stronger its ability to eat and the better the anti-slip performance.
  • The presser foot of the GK9 type machine is relatively long, and the role of the presser foot length is more favorable to the stability of the sewing material pressure.
  • The bag closer stitching maximum sewing speed is 2800 - 3200 needles / minute ,it is the patent product innovative design, with the advantages of fast speed, good reliability.

Model: GK9–200
Power: 180W
Voltage: 220V 50HZ
Sewing Speed: 2800–3200 needle⁄min
Material: aluminum alloy, insulation plastic
Stitch: single line chain
Dimension: 270 × 210 × 180mm
 Package Weight: 4 kg

Package Included:
1 x GK9-200 Portable Electric Sewing Machine
1 x Adapter
1 x Synchronous belt
2 x Carbon brushes
2 x Hexagon handle
2 x Accessories
1 x Set of Needles