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2 Pcs Gopro Hero 8 Battery 3.85V 1220mAH Battery Lithium Ion Batteryfor GoPro Hero8/7/6/5 Sports Camera

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Six Protections:

1. Overcharge protection: When the digital equipment is fully charged, the system will automatically power off.

2. Over-discharge protection: When the battery low self-discharge reaches the critical point, the system will automatically start the protection and stop the continuous discharge.

3. Overvoltage protection: The system intelligently regulates the voltage to make the voltage stable and avoid damage to the equipment caused by voltage instability.

4. Overcurrent protection: When the output current exceeds the rated current, the system will automatically cut off the output to avoid equipment damage caused by excessive current.

5. Short circuit protection: In the case of a short circuit of external equipment, the system will automatically start the protection function and cut off the power supply to ensure the safety of the equipment.

6. Intelligent reverse protection: When reverse access occurs to the device, the circuit will instantly identify and start the protection to avoid damage to the charging device caused by reverse


Model: GP - BTR - 801

Battery Type: Lithium-ion battery

Rated capacity: 1220mah

Rated voltage: 3.85V

Packing size: 8*7*1.5cm

Battery Weight: 0.035 kg

Package Weight(2 pcs): 0.07kg

Battery Life:

720P/240FBS endurance is about 120 minutes

The range of 1080P/120FBS is about 90 minutes

The 4K/30FBS endurance is about 70 minutes

Package Included:

2 x 3.85V 1220mAH Battery