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110V 100W Wood Burning Kit Laser Pyrography Machine With Two Pens

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 110V 100W Wood Burning Kit Main Features:
【Features】 High-resistance alloy pen tip with high strength at high temperature and not soft, long life of anti-oxidation, carbon deposition, etc.
【Temperature】 Electric wire head temperature: heater strip 0 - 1000℃; Multifunctional heating copper alloy tip temperature: 0-500
【Wipe Pen Sponge】 Copper pen head is multi-purpose use in rendering, painting, inking in the lines, silking and calligraphy. Wipe pen sponge, at any time to wipe the carbon on the pen tip, to improve the quality of the phonograph, a sponge dipped in water before use, then wipe the tip, so as not to burn the sponge high-temperature burner.
【Temperature Control】 Adjust the temperature of the pen. Keep the normal temperature range in the gray area, do not turn to the red area as the excessive temperature will reduce the pen’s service life even burn out other units. Appropriate adjustment of temperature is very important, normally the pen is in slight red will be okay.

Voltage:110V / 50Hz
Total Power: 100W (each pen 50W)
Temperature setting: heater strip 0 - 1000℃; copper pen head 0 - 450℃
Pyrography pen: 2pcs(1pcs for meticulous pyrography, 1pcs for apply colors to a drawing)
Pyrography nib: 10pcs φ1mm heater strip, 1pcs copper pen head
Weight: 3KG
Display: Pointer display

Package Included:
1 x Set of Multifunction Pyrography Machine
1 x Copper heating tips
10 x Poker writing